1Where is the company based?

Answer: Indiana

2. Who makes the furniture?

Answer: The majority of products are handmade by us. We also offer third party furniture.

3. Why do your furniture products tend to be cheaper than other competitors?

Answer: Unlike our competitors our products are made by us, so we can offer a lower price compared to our competitors?

4. Do you offer custom made furniture?

Answer: Yes we do, customers can request for custom made furniture. They can choose any color combinations they would like and any dimensions they would like as well. The customers can send us the color they would like via email or they also have option of picking out from our very color catalogue selection. Customers can also choose what type material they would like to be used on their furniture ranging from vinyl, microfiber, and classic fabric. Custom orders will take longer to be made than our standard products that we offer. The price will vary depending on the customization options the customer selects.

5. How does one request a custom order?

Answer: You can request a custom order by clicking on the custom order request button on our website or you can call our store number at (574)294-1828.

6. How long does a sofa it take make/deliver a sofa?

Answer: Usually it takes 1-2 weeks to make a sofa. If the sofa is in stock then the customer can decide on the available shipping options.